Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

If you feel jaded or suffer from ennui, this book will help you take a fresh look at the world. At more than 500 pages Leonardo’s biography can be taken in small doses, but you may find yourself becoming quickly addicted. The book’s topics are wide ranging: painting, sculpture, botany, anatomy, nature, the motion of water, politics, war, theatrical productions, engineering, and more. Ever curious, Leonardo investigated questions that most of us wouldn’t even think to ask. How many muscles does it take to create a smile? What does a woodpecker’s tongue look like? Why is a crocodile’s jaw so strong?

Isaacson also includes a chapter with advice on how to think like Leonardo: If you’d like to learn to become relentlessly curious, seek knowledge for its own sake, retain (or regain) a child’s sense of wonder, and sharpen your observational skills, this book will get you started.

Prescribed by: Bonnie